Studio to rent medium or long term, located at Fisherman Cove Estate, Bel Ombre, well equipped/fully furnished. (just bring your toothbrush!),

Independent PUC meters, internet and TV connections, secured area; we are looking for a tidy, discreet and private expatriate.  (preferably 1 adult, no children, no pet)

Price 8,500 SR per month. One month Deposit.

For inquiries, email contact only:


The studio is upstairs, it is built  as as small tower.                                              

A multi purpose outside area


A general view

The kitchen side,

The cooker has been replaced by a new one recently; so the picture does not reflect the existing cooker.

The corners have been utilized in cupboard and storage room


There is no sea view , but at 18h30 it is dark anyway every day of the year!

The bed has 4 built in drawers in the structure and quite a lot can be stored.

The other corner:

The other side, the bathroom
Perfect accommodation never exists. it varies as per your priorities.

Security, cleanliness, equipment and comfort, assistance in case of an equipment issue, and price are big plus.
Fisherman Cove Estate is well considered.

Several expatriates are working in the immediate neighborhood.
Also there is a family staying on the other side of the house: you are not alone in case of a emergency.

As mentioned, there is no sea view, but the sea and the activities of Beau Vallon are at a few minutes driving.
If interested, please address your interest to

Thank you for your visit.