Bel Ombre, Fisherman Cove Estate

One can see on the location map, the fisherman cove resort, close to the bay of Beauvallon
The area has always been considered as an up market area. Forty years ago, the area was even referred as the "little Hollywood"

The property for sale is J2223, indicated in yellow; the land surface is 422m2.

The area is fully paved, which minimizes the maintenance, but at the sane time, the tenants enjoy the trees and the nature of the neighboring property, especially the J2224.

The property is fully chain-ling fenced.

The property is made of 2 independent one bedroom apartments; they have always been offered to long term tenants and the expatriates simply love the property, being comfortable for their every day life, easy to manage, quite inexpensive to run, very private, even secretive, in a calm neighborhood, and though so close to the activities of Beauvallon: the beach, bars and restaurants. the place to be.

The price is set up at 200,000 Euros or around 3,000,000; the property is being sold with all the furniture and equipment.

There is a tenant in apartment #2 who has been around for 3 years+ and who loves the accommodation. The apartment #1 is empty, presently between tenants, as the property is offered for sale. The buyer can decide to occupy the apartment it himself / herself,  or to offer it for renting .

The transfer tax is 5% or 150,000SR but it is important to know that the first time owner can benefit from a 0% transfer tax as long as the property is under 3,000,000 SR which is the case considering the furniture and equipment.
Add a 2 % notary fees let us say 60,000 SR, so the total cost for the buyer would be either 3,060,000 SR or 3,210,000 SR

The yearly net yield for the 2 apartments is 240,000 SR,  meaning a return on investment of:  7.8%  (for first time owner) or 7.5% for the others. (after paying the 3% rental tax, the insurance on the building, the monthly maintenance and a small provision for annual maintenance and repairs).
 On the residential real estate market,  a 7.5% return is quite good, while keeping a reasonable rent level.

Furthermore, when looking at the neighbors' buildings, who have been authorized to build ground plus 2 storey buildings, the buyer can always have the possibility in the long run to build 3 or 4 accommodation on this property. It looks that in the North, and (especially in the good areas) there is never enough accommodation .

Let us visit the property

The general view of the property  when entering in the compound.

A covered car park for 2 cars.

The staircase on the right is the access to apartment # 1.
Apartment 1

Each Apartment has its own veranda.


On the right side, when going around an area for drying clothes
and an outside sink for heavy cleaning. 

The apartments are like a safe box! namely with the retractable burglar door grill.

When going inside, on the left side, the kitchen area.

On the other side, a living area.

there is a sofa bed in case of a casual invitee.

The bed room.

The 18,000 BTU air con can easily a well insolated apartment, and on will notice
that a sliding door can separate completely the bedroom from the rest of the apartment.


One notices a very large built cabinet providing a large storage capacity.


The complete bathroom.

Apartment # 2 

Entrance to the second apartment,

one or two cars can be parked on the slope if need be.

Apartment # 2 has its own external sink and area for clothes drying.

Apartment # 2 has its own veranda.

Well secured !

The kitchen / dining / living

This is equipped with its own air con.

The bedroom, enjoying its own air con as well.

There is also a built in cabinet for storage.

  The bathroom.
Each apartment has its own electric and water PUC meter,
Each apartment has its own buffer water tank 
There is a area between the two apartments for storage some tools, suitcases,  etc.
Thank you for your visit. , serious interested parties can contact Michel on tel / whatapp 00-248-271 92 92 or by email: