Mont Buxton, not far from the heart of Victoria.

Land to build a dwelling house,
Surface 800 m2

At 245 metres above sea level

A good new concrete road has been built.

A bus service exists and is going to be pushed a bit up the hill, in the vicinity of the property to sell.

Price: 1,100,000 SR maybe some negotiation for fast payment.

Reference: Land Mahe 2
The plot is situated a bit above  a tourist establishment called, the Mont Buxton Villa.

The plot is not flat but it is not difficult to build on it as you see on the attached plan mentioning the contours.

My humble opinion: Pillars is the best economic option with your carpark under the house, the laundry, etc
You could even use the natural declension for building a swimming pool.


The road, and the view one will have, up to the airport. and St Anne Island.


This parcel is a rare opportunity, do not lose it,

Any serious person can email to

 Thank you for your visit.