Still A unique  Taste of the Quiet Charming Peaceful Seychelles

Land Surface: 2,351 m2 indicated in red/yellow hereunder.

Location: linked to the road going to Anse Intendance. A 10 minutes walk takes you to Anse Intendance.

Quiet area, road access, electricity, water, telephone/internet access.

Easy to develop.

 Interesting feature for landscaping: a seasonal flow of rain passes in the center of the 2,351 m2, it can create a unique landscaping.

Reference : Land Mahe 1

The red circle is the intersection of the coastal road and the road to go down to Anse Intendance and Banyan Tree resort Hotel

The blue spot on the road, bottom part of the picture,  is a bus stop, located at 1 minute walking from the land.

Development: it is quite easy to develop the two areas marked in red as there is a good concrete road boarding the long side of the rectangle shape land.
Do not forget that the land has a surface of 2531 m2

As you will notice in the next pictures, and if you visit the land, the center of the parcel is giving way to the rain water.

But as the nature has never been domesticated, the rampant creepers took full possession of the center part.

In fact the water flowing is very minimum during a few months of the year. Even only during a few hours of heavy rain.

A passage needs to be kept, but certainly not larger than the  blue lines placed as an indication of a buffer zone to maintain.

Organizing mother nature could lead to a beautiful landscape. Even if you need to leave a buffer zone, this buffer zone can be planted with beautiful flowers or even some crops. (via, la rouille, etc)   

The road leads to one private house, whose owners do not owe a transport. the road is in fact never used but its entrance has been well improved and it is easy to reach this private road.

This is the provision made for the rain water coming from the upper properties! So you can tell that the water flow is minimum except during the heavy rain of the rainy season, a few hours per year!

This picture and the one here under is showing the first area where one building could be built. The red sort of triangle!

The creepers took possession of the center of the property.

Do not be afraid! a good machete and some courage will get rid of them.
I speak of my personal experience at Fishermen cove estate, Bel Ombre, 29 years ago! where nobody wanted to buy a land crossed by a small stream (continuous flow and larger than the rain water here), and
 when I  finished to remove the creepers, suddenly everyone wanted to buy it and some neighbors did not believe it.
So I expect the same here!
Do not be afraid!


The second location for development indicated by the rectangle in red.

The conclusion: this is an excellent property at a vey reasonable price. There is no requirement of heavy infrastructure before initiating construction.
The concrete road lead you to all the parts of the property.
There is no complication and the seasonal rainy water can be an interesting asset and not a liability. 

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Reference Land Mahe 1