Au Cap.
In the upmarket estate of Sawa Sawa Road,

A unique parcel of land
Either for a large villa, or a residential investment, or a simple house enjoying the pristine untouched vegetation and the presence of its river.


The property has two entrances, one at the lowest point and one at the highest point.

The wall has been built so that the privacy is guaranteed, even from pick up driver seats!

The blue dots show the location of the wall, while the two blue arrows show the two metal gates.

There is a pocket of land of about 2,200 m2 which can be quite easily developed while the 3000 remaining m2 left are for planting fruit trees, having bees, do a little catchment on the river and enjoy mother nature.
The river is never dry and one could imagine to build a villa enjoying a few fountains whose water would come from the river.

A Topographic Survey established by Michel Leong and Associates is available.
A corner of untouched mother nature as well.
The price is not speculative and is in line with its actual cost.
1100 SR per m2 is quite inexpensive for an up market area, applied for the 2200 m2 easy to develop area. Add the cost of 60 meters of tall wall to guarantee the privacy and give a very marginal cost for the 3000 m2 of mother nature,

so the selling price is 3 M SR but we set it up at 2,985,000 SR !   
                                                                                                                      Thank you for your visit.
For more inquiries, contact Michel on 00-248-271.92.92 (also whatsapp)