Upper Beau Vallon / Pascal Village

Great view over the Bay of Beau Vallon and on Silhouette Island
Land surface 2,825 m2

Mature fruit trees, quiet and secured area.

Very robust construction.

Total Building Surface on 3 levels : 675 m2

Presently usable: 380 m2

Price: the asking price is 9 millions SR, negotiable.

Reference Mahe 55.
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The building has 3 levels:

- on the ground floor 2 independent apartments of 1 bedroom: one is finished and occupied, the other one needs to be completed.

- the second floor is occupied eventhoud some final touch can be done and could be reorganised as per the buyers' requirements.

- the upper floor partly in the volume roof has net been developed yet.

The view over the Bay is excellent, from all the levels.


Here under, the first 60m2 apartment finished and occupied.
Then, the apartment of the same surface and layout, which needs to be completed

The stairs bring you to the first floor; the staircase needs to be extended to the second floor.

Each floor has a surface of 225 m2; it has been organized for the present family with 4 bedrooms but it can be repartitioned easily
One ensuite with a walking wardrobe and a spacious bathroom.

The upper floor: 225m2 to be organised.
Unless one wants to have a private basketball court !

If you have a serious interest and wish to visit, please contact us by email to
Reference Mahe 55

Please note that the property is guarded by dogs and it is not a good idea
to try to go to visit on your own, without a proper arrangement!