Let us start  with the summary and conclusion!

This versatile property is well located in the center of Mahe and offers different possibilities : of course its primary goal is to host a large family, giving members maximum privacy, but one could imagine also a cottage industry: baking cakes, bread and alike, a car hire head quarter, a day care center, a sewing & upholstery business, advertising signs maker, wholesale business, hairdresser, massage and nails parlor, private school for specific subjects, offices etc
There is also enough accommodation for hosting foreign labour on site if need be.
Au Cap, with a good access to the public road of Montagne Posee

A relatively flat property, at 65 metres above sea level, of an extent of 1,250 m2.
The property is located at 1 km from the beach, at 600 meters from the Au Cap school.

The property has been made totally flat (significant stone walls work) so that the property enjoys a specious flat surrounding around the buildings.

The house has been built through several phases, and the result is impressive:
the living area is very large as quasi all the surface has been used one way or the other. The house and the verandas cover
more than 400 m2.
The concrete parking are is quite large as well.

The ground floor has presently 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms (0f which one very specious master bedroom);
there are also 2 idle rooms which could be used as bedrooms if needed.

The second floor has a very specious master bedroom as well and in the third floor a very large game room.
There is a recent garage  with an idle upper floor. Total 60 m2.

Reference:  Mahe 3; the  price has been adjusted to 6,000,000 SR or equivalent in foreign exchange.

To organize a virtual visit was not an easy exercise; please follow the guide and visit all the parts of the building.

The entrance is not directly on the Montagne Posee Road, the motor able entrance to the property is about 50 metres away from the public road.
When passing the electric gate, you enter on the specious parking.

In the first part, we shall concentrate on the surrounding of the buildings at first. So let us first look at the left side.

On the left side of the property, the boundary with the neighbors, sorry for the presence of the water tank and the ladder on the pictures, the owner just conducted a small maintenance exercise.


We go back to the first picture from the parking at the entrance, and now we shall move around, towards the right side.

Hereunder, first, pictures of the entrance, the parking and the garage.

We shall speak about the garage later.

A very large covered area is used to get together with friends and relatives.

In addition, a smaller gazebo.

A small sundeck. And the swimming pool.

There are different levels in the pool, so that children as well can enjoy a good splash in security.

This last picture for the external presentation makes us understand exactly how the property is organized; we shall visit level by level.
The social area
The Kitchen  & the Living Room

An extra area which can be called the back kitchen.

An additional room connecting with the back kitchen, having direct access to the entrance parking.

One can notice that the living room is a central position, linking the kitchen,
 the social area/swimming pool, and the bedrooms (further).
The bedrooms & bathrooms
One bedroom

This visitors' bathroom is shared by the two bedrooms.
Second bedroom


An extra storage room

This room is linked to the living room, the master bedroom (next) and the stairs leads the visitors to the first floor second master bedroom.

The ground floor en suite master bedroom.
Enjoying a walk in cabinet.(not shown) 
Two large sliding windows giving access to its veranda

The view from the veranda at the ground floor.
Master bedroom first floor

The second en suite  master bedroom, its veranda and the view.

An enjoyable Jacuzzi bathtub.  

the second floor game room, having the same surface as the second floor
The garage/workshop.

As one can see, there is a second level.

Water and toilet facilities are available
The ground floor is presently used to store miscellaneous items.
Thank you for your visit.
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