Au Cap
A land area of 2,700 m2  and more than 380 m2+ of construction.

A two level dwelling house, with two separate accommodations,
each of them having  of two bedrooms/2 bathrooms

Authorization to build another accommodation on the property.

Reference Mahe 11
The property of 2,700 m2

The red spot is the identified area which could host
a possible additional accomodation.
Planning permission had been granted.
The access road is well paved with concrete.

The property and the veranda are at about 50 meters above see level.

 A sea view goes along with a climbing access!
1. The upper floor, which you reach with your transport.

160 m2 plus 100 m2 of veranda and car park
Pictures Above : the living room which is the central room of the upper floor.

Just above: the pantry and the kitchen having a door leading to the parking.
easy access when coming back with shopping).

And an utility room.

Hereunder, the master bedroom, ensuite, enjoying as well a walking wardrobe.
Bathing facilities of the master bedroom.


The second bedroom area has the same surface as the master bedroom and
is being used as a large office.
Hereunder the second bathroom, used by the visitors as well.
The staircase leading to the 2,000 liters water tank buffer reserve.

It is also worth to note that, outside at the rear of the first floor,
there is a covered parking area and a store, plus a space designed to host an outside kitchen.

The 5KW solar panel system generates sufficient electric power, even to operate free of charge
an electric car.The electric connection exists and is being used by the owners for their electric car.

2. The second accommodation,
at the lower part.

The layout of the lower level: 120 m2

Two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large living area, and veranda.

One will notice that a Hobby Room and its small veranda could
be easily connected with the accommodation or be turned
in an addtional independent bedsitter. (For an in house carer)

Presently rented, and somehow a bit overcrowded with furniture

Here below, the two bedrooms and 2de bathroom.
3.The Conclusion:

* The two accommodation are designed to make your every day life as easy as possible, and at the same time, enjoying the relaxing and beautiful scenery.

* For sure, this property has been very well developed, without "cutting any corners".

* The structure of the building is very robust. The layout of building is quite versatile and adaptable to maximize the use of it.

* As quality land is becoming rare and very expensive, this property provides also an area for additional construction, for the next generation!, or
 for more business opportunities.

*The price for this property has been set up in a win win approach, there is value for money.

Thank you for your visit.
If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact
The reference is Mahe 11
Have a good day