Our reference is Villa de Cerf 3


Land surface 2,931 m2

A large villa: 4 bedrooms en suite for the visitors, plus 3 bedrooms ensuite for manager or senior staff.

A 6m by 12 m swimming pool

A garage at the rear of the property with storage rooms and laundry.

A trailer with storage and 2 bedrooms en suite for staff accommodation

A 12 by 6 metres swimming pool is an ideal size.

On the side, a large covering structure for eating outside being protected from the too hard sun shines.
Cooking facilities on the side.

A very large veranda
A restaurant and here under a lobby.
The Kitchen for the "clean" cooking: serving coffee and small snacks
Going up the stairs let us visit the two ensuite bedrooms upstairs.

Here is the view form the veranda.

Four bedrooms are similar to this one which was not yet occupied by guests, not prepared yet for the guests.

And hereunder the en suite bathroom {which is not a ball room! even if the size could make you feel like in a ball room...}

Additional facilities on the property:

Kitchen for the staff, and storage room (deep freezers) 


Another storage room and outside a tank with  35,000 litres of storage if ever Seychelles goes dry!

On the left above, two stores and a garage (for boat repairs etc) and on the right above, a trailer being fire proof (fibrocement) with two stores/offices and two ensuite bedrooms for staff.
Here under the marketing pamphlet of the property to present the property when the owners started their tourism business. (one will notice that trees have grown since then)  
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Our reference is Villa de Cerf 3