Beau Vallon

Land of 11,090 m2 and a project.

Access road, accessibility to electricity and public sewage system.

Several natural springs are in this area.

Incredible view, on the bay of Beau Vallon, Silhouette Island and North Island, as the land starts at 140 metres to 200 metres +,  above sea level.

reference: Mahe  Business 11

The public road has been improved and is now reaching the lower part of the land.

Quite recently a public sewage system has been installed and the project can branch its piping system into the public service.

A project of development has been established in close communication with the different relevant authorities.

The project is going to be presented to the Planning Authorities to obtain a Outline Planning Permission;
thereafter, the developer will be able to do the amendments he/she wishes to the project before finalizing the detailed plans .

Well reputed land surveyor and engineer worked out a way for an internal road, and for locating the different buildings in such a way that everyone enjoys a sea view. their second goal was the respect of the natural beauty of the boulders and rocks structure, quite unique in this world.

Simply a breath taking feeling! 

A bit of technicality.

Sorry for the fact that the left picture is shown  "upside down" ; we had to show this way so that you can read the notes.

Note that the present plans have been based on 21 apartments of 122 m2 each, all being two bedrooms accommodations, but the developer can decide to change the number of apartments,  and can vary the number of the bedrooms.

Significant site preparation had been done with even the pegging of the location of the internal road.

This left picture is turned as it should, with the lower part of the land at the bottom and the upper part at the top of the picture.

Below, a proposal of one of the buildings: 3 apartments of 2 bedrooms, on 3 levels (ground floor plus two) .


Beau Vallon remains the heart of the tourism activities in Seychelles.

This property  located in Beau Vallon, combines the beauty of the pristine environment, the rich and untouched mother nature (nice rocks), the quiet aspect of the mountain and though the relative proximity to the sea. You may enjoy 2 or 3 degrees less than along the coast due to the altitude,  and in the time of global warming, it is a pleasant advantage of the property. 

The asking price has been set up at 1,100,000 Euros or equivalent.
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